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Burner Controller
Digital Burner Controller
Customise product for your particular requirements.
This is a MicroController based Digital Burner Controller for
automatic fire systems. It can be used for various purposes. The
features are as following:

Boiler Fire Ignition System
Textile Machines Fire Ignition Systems
Poultry Farms Temperature Maintaining System

• Solid State Latest Technology
• System LED Indications on the front side
• System Trip Reset Push Button on the front side
• Pilot Valve ON/OFF Selection Mode after ignition
• Standard Size Design for Panel Mounting
• Detachable Wire Connector for Easy to Replace System
• Smart Design, Easy to Install and Reliable Performance.


Power Supply: 110VAC or 220VAC (+/- 10%)

Sensor Inputs: Ultra Violet Flame Sensor or Simple Metal Rod

Dimensions: 96mm x 48mm x 120mm
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