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Burner Controller Card
Digital Burner Controller
Customise product for your particular requirements.
This is a MicroController based Digital Burner Controller for
automatic fire systems. It can be used for various purposes.

It is exactly replacement for KromSchroder IFS244 and IFS258
models. It can be customise for any other model or any particular
needs. The features are as following:

Boiler Fire Ignition System
Textile Machines Fire Ignition Systems
Poultry Farms Temperature Maintaining System

• Solid State Latest Technology
• System LED Indications on the front side
• System ON/OFF Button on the front side
• Auto Trip Reset or Trip Reset Lock Selection
• Ignition Time Selection 5 or 10 Seconds
• Directly Replaceable in Original Box Fitting
• Smart Design, Easy to Install and Reliable Performance.


Power Supply: 110VAC or 220VAC (+/- 10%)

Sensor Inputs: Ultra Violet Flame Sensor or Simple Metal Rod

Dimensions: L4" x W4" x H1.5"
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