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This is a MicroController based Digitally Controlled Variable Voltage
Output Card. It has many features to control the output voltages.
The features are as following:

Machine Speed Control with Start/Stop Control
Variable Frequency Inverter Speed Control
Replacement for old motorized voltage controls
For use as Digital Power Supply Reference
Remotely Analog Control with Digital Inputs

• Start, Stop, Up, Down Push Buttons Inputs
• Start Stop Push Buttons can be a Single Push Button Mode
• Auto Voltage Output at Power-up Mode Selection Jumper
• Minimum/Maximum Volts Limit Settings for Output Voltages
• LED Indications Displaying the Status of the Card
• LEDs Green = Run, Yellow = Min. Limit, Red = Max. Limit
• On-Board Control Voltage for Control Inputs
• Smart Design, Easy to Operate and Reliable Performance.


Power Supply: 110VAC or 220VAC (+/- 10%)

Control Voltage: 10 ~ 30 VDC

Output Voltage: 0 ~ 12 VDC
0-4 ~ 20mA can be made with additional small "Voltage to Current
Converter" card.

Output Resolution: 0.1V for 0 ~ 10VDC

Dimensions: 4.0"L x 4.0"W x 1.8"H


Single Push Button Mode: In this mode Start/Stop function will
work only with one Push Button in Push ON/Push OFF style. For
this mode Start Control Input will be connected permanently with
On-Board Positive Voltage. Now Single Push Button function will
work on Stop Control Input.

Double Push Button Mode: In this mode Start/Stop function will
work only with Two Push Buttons. Start Control Input will start the
board and Stop Control Input will stop the board.

Auto-Start at Power-up Mode: In this mode Controller will Start
itself at Power-up and will produce output voltage untill Minimum
Voltage Limit. Then it will work normally either in any mode as
described in above modes.
Digital Voltage Reference Card
Customise product for your particular requirements.
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